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Our Mission

The Positive Transylvania Association was founded by the heirs of Urmánczy Castle in 2017. Its primary objective is to facilitate the maintenance and renovation of the castle, with the broader goal of promoting Transylvanian values and a positive attitude towards Transylvania.

Our team

Tekla Szabó

President, art historian

Dorottya Ambrus

Chief volunteer

Izabella Kovács

Chief volunteer

The Toplița Springs and Thermal Water Baths Route

Through this program we intend to connect the less well-known hot springs around Urmánczy Pool with those of the old Bánffy Resort in Toplița. Along the route are signs and informational displays presenting the former life of the resort.

Cultural Heritage Days

Hosted by Urmánczy Castle, this event presents the local cultural heritage of the area to the general public, especially Urmánczy Castle, which in recent years has played little role in community life. Utilizing the richness of children's programs, it reaches out to local schools through volunteer programs.

The Renovation and Revitalization of Urmánczy Castle

The biggest project of the Positive Transylvania Association is assisting in the revitalization of Urmánczy Castle. Thanks to our association's volunteers, since mid-July 2020 the building has been open to visitors every weekend between 11:00 and 18:00. In August, 2020 we opened an escape room with a historical theme. With this new program, we hope to attract people who otherwise might not visit the castle and who might not have heard of the deportation of the nobility after 1949.
The specialists of the association, in collaboration with established partners (ARCHÉ Association, PONT Group) helped submit and carry out several projects whose purpose is the revitalization of the castle. The owners of Urmánczy Castle obtained fifth place in the call launched by the National Institute of Heritage Monuments and received 124,897 RON for the implementation of their plans, DALI (Documentation for approval of intervention works). Harghita County Council in 2019 funded various studies to the amount of 45,000 RON and for the rest of the DALI plans of the gardens related to the castle, so that by 2020, all the necessary projects to access European funds for renovation were fully prepared.
The Positive Transylvania Association manages the Facebook and Instagram pages and the Urmánczy Castle website. The website was financed by Harghita County Council.

Our supporters

Our partners

Urmánczy Castle